No. "Hello World" just isn't enough

When it comes to AI, Germany can do more than “Hello World” if it really wants to! Kristian Kersting publishes his monthly column "Aus dem Maschinenraum der KI" in the "Welt am Sonntag".

Artificial intelligence, or AI for short, continues to accomplish impressive technological leaps that pay off in many tasks: from product recommendations to speech recognition and language translation to the amazing computer program that recently succeeded in predicting the three-dimensional structures of proteins with high accuracy. Experts all over the world use it, among other things, to study spike proteins such as the corona variant Omikron. The journal SCIENCE considers the AI approach to be so significant that it has named it a scientific breakthrough of the year 2021...

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Kristian Kersting (2022): No. "Hello World" just isn't enough. Welt am Sonntag, February 20, 2022, page 26.