Monthly “Welt” newspaper column on AI 2022

Kristian Kersting publishes his monthly column "Aus dem Maschinenraum der KI" in the "Welt am Sonntag". Here you can find all columns from 2022.


Kristian Kersting, Jonas Andrulis (2022): An Oath for European Values in AI. Welt am Sonntag, Januar 16, 2022, page 26.

"Artificial intelligence (AI) has a social responsibility and should be reminded of it, even if it is through a symbolic oath."

The link to the full article you can find here.


Kristian Kersting (2022): No. "Hello World" just isn't enough. Welt am Sonntag, February 20, 2022, page 26.

"When it comes to AI, Germany can do more than “Hello World” if it really wants to!"

The link to the full article you can find here. 


Kristian Kersting (2022): No End of Theory in AI!. Welt am Sonntag, March 20, 2022, page 24.

"Artificial Intelligence thrives on assumptions, theories, and data."

The link to the full article you can find here. 


Kristian Kersting (2022): Put up or shut up. Welt am Sonntag, April 17, 2022, page 26.

"The French Hybrid AI system NooK beats world champions at Bridge."

The link to the full article you can find here. 


Kristian Kersting (2022): Inadequate Compute Infrastructure is not Funny for AI. Welt am Sonntag, May 15, 2022, page 24.

"While AI systems get better and better at explaining jokes, inadequate AI computer infrastructure is not funny."


Kristian Kersting (2022): Artificial Intellectual Properties. Welt am Sonntag, June 19, 2022, page 26.

"AI is changing the way science is done, artwork is created, and inventions are made. What does this mean for patents and intellectural property rights?"


Kristian Kersting (2022): Good AI, Bad AI. Welt am Sonntag, August 21, 2022, page 20.

"If we want to make progress on AI, we need to talk more about the benefits it can bring to all of us."


Kristian Kersting (2022): The Image Machine. Die Welt, September 16, 2022.

"An AI-generated image wins an art competition. It won't end the world. We need to figure out how to use this AI to our advantage."


Kristian Kersting (2022): Machines like us would have feelings too. Welt am Sonntag, October 16, 2022.

"Should we clone humans using AI and robotics, if we were able to do so?"