Mental rotation

In a study recently published in the journal "Current Biology" perception researchers at Justus-Liebig-University Giessen (JLU) have gained new insights into the mechanisms underlying visual imagination abilities.

Prof. Fleming and his team show how humans have the remarkable ability to imagine things in their "mind's eye", for example, to rotate and manipulate imagined objects, almost as if they were real. But the exact mechanisms of this rich inner world have remained quite mysterious. The researchers conclude: “The brain is simulating a two-dimensional representation of 3D information”.

The link to the full article you can find here

For the paper published in the journal „Current Biology“, click here.


Stewart, E. E., Hartmann, F. T., Morgenstern, Y., Storrs, K. R., Maiello, G., & Fleming, R. W. (2022). Mental object rotation based on two-dimensional visual representations. Current Biology32(21), R1224-R1225.