No End of Theory in AI!

Artificial Intelligence thrives on assumptions, theories, and data. Kristian Kersting publishes his monthly column "Aus dem Maschinenraum der KI" in the "Welt am Sonntag".

Do you know Stanley Kubricks' "2001: A Space Odyssey" from 1968? Like "Star Wars" or "Citizen Kane," this film has become a part of our pop culture, and so has the villainous computer HAL. HAL is an artificial intelligence (AI) and is still a prototype of all our hopes and fears about AI: HAL is smart, deceitful, and controls all the systems on the Discovery One spaceship. And it is conscious…

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Kristian Kersting (2022): No End of Theory in AI!. Welt am Sonntag, March 20, 2022, page 24.