Project "Actor"

Prof. Constantin Rothkopf was a guest in the German TV show "Im Blick" at RheinMainTV on April 28, 2022.

In the talk he outlined the basic idea of ACTOR. For this project, he received a 2 million Euro Consolidator Grant from the European Research Council. Rothkopf wants to better understand the conscious and unconscious decision-making processes that take place in the brain. To do this, he investigates everyday human behavior in his research: for example, preparing food or navigating through an unfamiliar environment. Such an every-day situation requires a sequence of behaviors involving the sophisticated interplay of perception, attention, cognition, planning, and action, all unfolding in an ambiguous and uncertain world. Yet, although past research in the behavioral sciences has revealed many properties of these faculties, the understanding of how humans coordinate these cognitive abilities when carrying out every-day tasks is still rudimentary.
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