Prof. Dr.

Gudrun Schwarzer

Board of Directors for Gießen

Justus-Liebig-Universität Gießen FB 06 Psychologie und Sportwissenschaften
Otto-Behaghel-Straße 10
35394 Gießen

+49 (0)641 99 26 060 +49 (0)641 99 26 079 Send e-mail Visit website

Short info

My research focuses on perceptual, motor, and cognitive development during infancy and childhood. The main goal is to understand how infants and children visually, auditorily, and motorically perceive and explore the environment, as well as how these experiences shape their processing of objects, and their ability to differentiate faces, speech and music within specific time periods. We use eye-tracking and motion-tracking methods to measure children’s natural behavior and EEG to analyze the underlying neural processes.

Gehb, G., Vesker, M., Jovanovic, B., Bahn, D., Kauschke, C., & Schwarzer, G. (2022).
The Relationship between Crawling and Emotion Discrimination in 9- to 10-Month-Old Infants.
Brain Sciences, 12(4), 479.
Preißler, L., Jovanovic, B., Munzert, J., Schmidt, F., Fleming, R.W., & Schwarzer, G. (2021).
Effects of visual and visual-haptic perception of material rigidity on reaching and grasping in the course of development
Acta Psychologica, 221, November, 103457