Prof. Dr.

Ulrich Stangier

Goethe-Universität Frankfurt FB 05 Klinische Psychologie und Psychotherapie
Varrentrappstraße 40-42
60486 Frankfurt am Main

+49 (0)69 79 82 28 48 +49 (0)69 79 82 81 10 Send e-mail Visit website

Short info

My research focuses on the development of psychological interventions for different mental disorders, including anxiety disorders, depression, body dysmorphic disorder and mental distress in refugees. I’m interested in how basic psychological mechanisms may be used to optimize psychotherapy, and how the efficacy of available methods may be increased by improving therapists’ information processing. My current focus of interest lies on the development of process-based psychotherapy and its translation into practive.

Stangier, U., Frick, A., Thinnes, I., Arens, E.A. & Hofmann, S. (2021).
Metta-based therapy for chronic depression: A wait list control trial.
Mindfulness, 12, 2929-2942.