Mareike Grotheer

Philipps-Universität Marburg FB 04 Psychologie
Frankfurter Straße 35
35037 Marburg

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Short info

In my research, I leverage childhood education, particularly the acquisition of math and reading skills, to address fundamental questions about the human brain. Math and reading are uniquely human abilities that are acquired through extensive learning. As such, understanding what are the neural substrates of math and reading and how these substrates emerge as we acquire these essential skills provides important insight on how learning and cultural inventions shape cognition and the human brain. Addressing these gaps in knowledge requires understanding of multiple aspects of the brain, which is why my research is characterized by a multimodal approach that combines functional (fMRI), quantitative (qMRI) and diffusion-weighted magnetic resonance imaging (dMRI) with behavioral data.

Open Science
Grotheer, M., Bloom, D., Kruper, J., Richie-Halford, A., Zika, S., Aguilera Gonzalez, V.A., Yeatman, J.D., Grill-Spector, K., Rokem, A. (2023).
Human white matter myelination rate slows down at birth.
bioRxiv preprint
Meisler, S. L., Kubota, E., Grotheer, M., Gabrieli, J., & Grill-Spector, K. (2024).
A practical guide for combining functional regions of interest and white matter bundles.