Marburg Brainhack School 2022

The Adaptive Mind supports the Marburg Brainhack School 2022!

We are pleased to announce that TAM supports the Open Science Initiative Marburg (OSIUM) to represent a hub of the Brainhack School 2022!

The Brainhack School is a 4-week long and hybrid project-based training in neural data science that will be held from the 8th of May - the 2nd of June across nine worldwide hubs, and you are invited to attend! 

The training modules will be completed in a group session which will be online and guided by a TA. You can find the schedule and contact information for the school in Marburg here

The Brainhack School is in partnership with several Canadian neuroscience organizations, including Unifying Neuroscience and Artificial Intelligence - Québec, UNIQUE, and Tanenbaum Open Science Institute (TOSI - Montreal Neurological Institute-Hospital), which aims to unify the members of the neuroscience community across various sub-disciplines to create tools and platforms for open, accessible, and collaborative scientific activities. 

Please follow updates about the Brainhack School from the official Brainhack school website and mastodon account.