LOEWE Exploration Grant for UMR Professor Frank Bremmer

The State of Hesse funds research on novel AI-based classifications of eye movements

Can we use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to decode eye movements and improve the diagnosis of brain diseases?

Within the new LOEWE Exploration funding line the state of Hesse is specifically funding unconventional innovative research projects for a period of up to two years from March 1, 2024. Prof. Frank Bremmer and his group were funded to develop new AI tools to decode eye movements.

Eye movements serve as a window into the brain. Until now, they have mainly been measured in the lab or in the examination room and their classification is still based on findings from the 19th century. In this project, Frank Bremmer and his group will develop an AI-based method for a novel classification of eye movements during everyday activities. The goal is the establishment of new biomarkers for healthy ageing, as well as for neurological and psychiatric diseases in particular. Find the press release in German here.