Managing structure

Prof. Fiehler

Senior Financial Manager

Prof. Dr. Katja Fiehler

Prof. Fleming

Operations Manager

Prof. Dr. Roland Fleming


Scientific Monitoring and Integration Managers

Profs. Katja Fiehler, Roland Fleming, Constantin Rothkopf, Frank Bremmer

DataHub and Open Science Managers

Profs. Dominik Endres, Ortrun Brand, Alexander Schütz


Equity Diversity and Inclusion Managers

Profs. Yee Lee Shing, Constantin Rothkopf


Sustainability Managers

Profs. Benjamin Straube, Constantin Rothkopf

Public Relations, Outreach and Translation Managers

Profs. Jan Peters, Frank Bremmer

Early Career Managers

Profs. Gudrun Schwarzer, Frank Bremmer