M. Sc.

Anna-Lena Eckert

Representative of Staff

Philipps-Universität Marburg FB 04 Psychologie
Gutenbergstraße 18
35032 Marburg

Short info

I am interested in computational approaches to the function and dysfunction of the human mind and brain, human motor control, psychophysics and modelling.

I am working with Prof. Endres.

Open Science
Eckert, A. L., Pawlowski, J., Rief, W., Endres, D., & Kirchner, L. (2023).
Simulating Active Inference of Interpersonal Context Within and Across Mental Disorders.
PsyArXiv Preprints
Eckert, A., Blume, J. S., Knopp, B., Schütz, A. C., & Endres, D. (2024).
Distinct Biases Shape Perceptual Inference Dynamics Along the Autism-Psychosis Spectra.
Eckert, A., Fuehrer, E., Schmitter, C., Straube, B., Fiehler, K., & Endres, D. (2024).
Modelling Sensory Attenuation as Bayesian Causal Inference across two Datasets.
Kirchner, L., Eckert, A. L., & Berg, M. (2022).
From Broken Models to Treatment Selection: Active Inference as a Tool to Guide Clinical Research and Practice.
Clinical Psychology in Europe, 4(2), 1-5.