NOWA Workshop: Clean & Reusable Code

In this 2-day workshop organized by NOWA, participants were shown why and how to produce clean and reusable code.

Open-science promotes the idea that the code underlying scientific results should be made readily available. However, scientists are rarely taught how to write code and may be unaware of the tooling and techniques that can help them create readable and maintainable codebases. This may often lead scientists to not share their code because they consider it is “not good enough” or that they will share “once it has been cleaned.”

In this workshop with a focus on MATLAB and Octave code, Rémi Gau ( will show you…

…how to write tests including tests for a legacy code base that needs cleaning

…formatting tools to help enforce a consistent coding style

…several refactoring techniques

…how to use automation to ensure that cleaned-up code stays clean

Link to the website, recording and materials:

This workshop was organized by NOWA: