NOWA School on open and reproducible science

In this 1-week NOWA school, participants learn about Research Data Management (RDM), Psychopy, Git & GitLab, Python & Jupyter, and clean code & automated code testing (CI/CD).

Open and reproducible science entails the use of open software, provenance tracking of the project, quality assurance of the code, and proper research data management (RDM). The idea of the NOWA school is to offer the trainings within one week, as the modules taught go hand in hand and we hope for a more holistic experience compared to having single workshops spread over a few months. Modules of the NOWA School are:

- Research Data Management (RDM)

- Psychopy

- Git & GitLab

- Python & Jupyter

- Clean code & automated code testing (CI/CD)

The modules are taught by an example project on which participants work together over the whole week. After they learned about Research Data Management (RDM) standards and techniques (Monday), they will develop an experiment for our example project in Psychopy (Tuesday). On Wednesday, participants will learn how to version control this code with Git and how to work on it collaboratively on GitLab. For the example project, participants will also need to do some statistical analyses and figures, using Python (Thursday). All of the code should be tested, be clean, and re-usable (Friday).

The NOWA school was first held on February 12th-16th 2024. All materials are published on OSF and rendered in this JupyterBook. The JupyterBook is written in a way that all modules can be done by self-learning from home.

Link to the website.

This workshop was organized by NOWA.