Leading diverse teams

This 4-hour workshop (Nov 16) addressed Professors and Postdocs with staff responsibility and met one of the key aspects of the TAM research program: equity, diversity and inclusion.

In the 4workshop "Leading diverse teams: breaking patterns and creating guiding principles" included an exploration of facts and figures on the topic of diversity and leadership, based on the theoretical Diversity by Design approach. By taking on new roles, the participants acquired a range of leadership techniques to disrupt old patterns (unconscious bias). The workshop helped participants to identify their “blind spots” and to develop strategies to overcome those in the future. 

Alexander Göttker
Alexander Schütz
Benjamin de Haas
Constantin Rothkopf
Daniel Kaiser
Dimitris Voudouris
Dominik Endres
Frank Bremmer
Gemma Roig
Inge Kamp-Becker
Jutta Billino
Katja Fiehler
Tom Wallis
Yee Lee Shing