NOWA Workshop: Introduction to Git & GitLab

In this workshop organized by NOWA, participants were introduced to using Git & GitLab.

While sharing data in psychological sciences still often underlies some restrictions due to privacy regulations, the code of the experiments and analyses can be shared without restrictions (i.e., methodological transparency). By using a version control software such as Git, the version of the experiment and analyses code used in a published paper can easily be reproduced. Sharing this work on social coding platforms such as GitLab facilitates collaborative research. Versioning and sharing code as well as working collaboratively are crucial skills to achieve the goals of Open Science.

In a practice-oriented workshop, version control using the software Git is introduced by covering the core concepts of adding and committing changes, working on and merging different branches, synchronizing the local work with a remote repository as well as doing basic collaborative work on GitLab. The concepts are introduced by live-coding. The workshop consists of both, theoretical and practical parts to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the software.

Link to the website, recording and materials:

This workshop was organized by NOWA: