Giessen International Schizophrenia Symposium (GISS) 2023

We are excited to invite you to participate in the 2023 Giessen International Schizophrenia Symposium (GISS) to be held in Giessen, Germany on 20-22 April 2023.

This year's highlights include the lectures from the Nobel laureate Tom Sudhof (“Synapses in neuropsychiatric disorders: NRXN1 deletions and beyond”), Iris Sommer (“Nutritional Psychiatry“, Professor of Psychiatry, Groningen, Netherlands), Andreas Meyer-Lindenberg (“Mechanisms of Risk- and resilience in schizophrenia“, CEO and Chair, Central Institute of Mental Health, Germany), and the EPA president Peter Falkai (“Aerobic Exercise in Schizophrenia: Understanding and Cure“, LMU Munich, Germany).

More information you can find here. Click here to download the full program.